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Roe Deer

Award-winning wildlife photography project documenting the natural history of Roe deer.

Location: Norfolk, England

Species: Roe deer

The Roe deer family unit of buck, fawn and doe together on a misty morning
A female Roe deer feeding in a heathland copse in winter.
Companions. Adult Roe buck in velvet and doe in winter coats.
Having realised there is an intruder in his territory this dominant buck points his nose, ears and eyes in the direction of the stranger to assess the threat.
A Roe deer buck concealed by tall dry grass in a meadow during the summer rut
Moulting Roe deer doe
Young Roe buck browsing in spring meadow
Roe deer fawn, independent at an early age, alone in a meadow at twilight
Two female Roe deer move through an overgrown meadow in mid-summer
A Roe deer doe takes a short break during a courtship chase in a summer field of wheat
A young Roe deerbuck moistens his nose to improve sensitivity during the summer rut
A mature roe buck selectively browsing in a pasture during the summer rut
A Roe deer buck in his prime chewing the cud during the summer rut
A mature Roe deer buck his territory during the summer rut
A Roe deer buck patrolling his territory around sunset

More info on photographing Roe deer in Norfolk

By spending a year with Roe deer in the English countryside, my goal was to gain insights into their secret life. My objectives were to capture intimate behaviour and portraits of Roe deer.

In order to achieve any level of success it helped to understand how Roe deer perceive the world around them. Being territorial they are intimately familiar with their surroundings. Any abnormal sounds, smells and sights will make them suspicious.

Habituation was my chosen approach instead of camouflage and hides. The Roe deer’s acute senses of smell and hearing makes visual camouflage redundant. I also wanted to photograph across a number of male and female territories so a more mobile approach was needed.

Spending a year with deer allowed me to develop relationships of trust with them. With perseverance and patience I was able to gain the confidence of two bucks to such an extent that when I appeared, so would they. It was a humbling privilege to have been allowed into the hidden world of an enduringly free spirit.

My images from “A Year with Deer” have been published in the UK in books (The Ash Tree By Oliver Rackham), magazines, calendars and newspapers. My work photographing Roe deer resulted in winning first prize in the British Deer Society’s open photographic competition.

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Image Licensing: Alamy, Rex

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Publication Credits: British Deer Society, Little Toller Books, Wildlife Photographic Magazine

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