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Capturing Behaviour: Greeting

Wildlife Photographic Magazine

The third instalment of “Capturing Behaviour” looks at the complex social behaviour of canids by exploring a greeting ritual displayed by two members of a wolf pack.

My article series, “Capturing Behaviour” for Wildlife Photographic Magazine explores the importance of being able to identify and anticipate a variety of common animal behaviour to achieve better and more captivating results with readers’ wildlife photography.

This article series helps readers to understand why wildlife behaviour is important to wildlife photography. My writing is illustrated with my wildlife photographs.

Understanding friendly social behaviour will benefit you as a wildlife photographer as it will enable you to capture moments of intimacy between animals.

Greeting behaviour of Grey Wolves, Germany by Tim Plowden

The social life of animals is complex and subtle. Often we will overlook a gesture, a posture or facial expression because we’re unaware of its significance to the animals involved. Wolves have formidable communication skills. The sound of pack members coming together to howl is a sound imprinted on our psyche. If we dig a little deeper into wolf social behaviour we can start to unravel animal greetings.

Wildlife Photographic Magazine Issue 19, July/August 2016

Article Details

Publication Title: Wildlife Photographic Magazine

Edition: Issue 19, July/August 2016

Format: Writing, Photography

Themes: Wildlife Photography, Wildlife Behaviour

Location: Germany

Species: Grey Wolf

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