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The IPF Interviews Tim Plowden About His Wildlife Photography and Conservation Videography

Grey Wolves, Germany by Tim Plowden
by Tim Plowden, 21 March 2016

The IPF published an interview with Tim Plowden featuring his wildlife photography and conservation videography.

Plowden tells us more about his profession, his efforts to reconnect and engage audiences with the natural world and why the destruction of habitats, including forests, would be fatal for us all.

Mating Millipedes, Borneo by Tim Plowden

I love working in the field and observing wildlife behaviour. Photography allows me the opportunity to share these magical moments with a wider audience. I can give people an insight into a world they might not be aware of. By doing so I hope to get people to support conservation work.

You can read the interview, “Photographer Tim Plowden gets up close and personal with forest creatures” on the The IPF website.

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