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10 FAQs About Conservation Filmmaking

Conservation filmmaking is a powerful tool for environmental organizations, yet many professionals in the field have questions about its implementation and impact. Below are the top 10 FAQs about conservation filmmaking, tailored for conservation marketing managers, campaign leads, communications managers, behaviour change communications leads, and conservation managers.

1. What is Conservation Filmmaking?

Answer: Conservation filmmaking is the practice of creating films that highlight environmental issues, promote conservation efforts, and inspire action. It combines storytelling, visual artistry, and scientific facts to communicate the importance of preserving nature and wildlife.

2. How Can Conservation Filmmaking Benefit My NGO?

Answer: Conservation filmmaking can amplify your NGO’s message, engage a wider audience, influence policymakers, and drive fundraising efforts. It transforms complex environmental issues into compelling stories that resonate emotionally and motivate people to support your cause.

3. What Resources Do We Need to Start Conservation Filmmaking?

Answer: You will need basic filmmaking equipment (cameras, microphones, editing software), a skilled team (filmmakers, scriptwriters, editors), and a clear plan that outlines your goals, target audience, and key messages. Collaboration with experienced filmmakers can also enhance the quality and impact of your films.

4. How Do We Identify Stories Worth Filming?

Answer: Look for stories that are unique, emotionally compelling, and relevant to your conservation goals. Focus on local heroes, endangered species, successful conservation projects, or pressing environmental threats. Authentic, human-centered stories often have the most significant impact.

5. What Role Does Storytelling Play in Conservation Filmmaking?

Answer: Storytelling is at the heart of conservation filmmaking. It helps to convey complex scientific information in an engaging and relatable way. By telling personal and emotional stories, you can connect with viewers on a deeper level and inspire them to take action.

6. How Can We Ensure Our Films Reach the Right Audience?

Answer: Utilise a multi-channel distribution strategy that includes social media, your NGO’s website, email newsletters, and partnerships with media outlets. Hosting public screenings and participating in film festivals can also help to broaden your reach and engage diverse audiences.

7. What Metrics Should We Track to Measure the Impact of Our Films?

Answer: Track metrics such as view counts, audience engagement (likes, shares, comments), website traffic, social media reach, and fundraising conversions. Track metrics for specific actions such as donating or signing a petition. Surveys and feedback forms can provide insights into how your films influence attitudes and behaviours.

8. How Do We Fund Our Conservation Filmmaking Projects?

Answer: Funding can come from grants, donations, sponsorships, and partnerships with other organizations. Crowdfunding platforms can also be effective for raising money from a broad audience who supports your cause. Highlighting the potential impact of your films can attract financial support.

9. What Challenges Might We Face in Conservation Filmmaking?

Answer: Common challenges include limited budgets, logistical difficulties in filming wildlife and remote locations, and ensuring scientific accuracy while maintaining engaging storytelling. Address these challenges by thorough planning, collaboration with experts, and flexibility in your approach.

10. Can Conservation Filmmaking Really Influence Policy and Behavior Change?

Answer: Yes, conservation films have a proven track record of influencing policy and driving behavior change. By presenting compelling evidence and emotionally engaging stories, films can raise awareness, shift public opinion, and inspire both policymakers and the general public to take action.


Conservation filmmaking is a dynamic and impactful way to promote environmental awareness and drive change. By addressing these common questions and concerns, you can better understand how to leverage this powerful tool to support your conservation efforts and achieve your NGO’s goals.

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