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Discover if Conservation Filmmaking is the Perfect Tool to Amplify Your NGO’s Mission

Answer the following questions to find out!

1. What is the primary goal of your organisation?

2. How does your organisation currently communicate its message?

3. How effective do you feel your current communication methods are in engaging your audience?

4. What challenges does your NGO face in raising awareness?

5. How important is visual storytelling to your organisation’s communication strategy?

6. Do you have access to resources for creating films (e.g., cameras, editing software, skilled personnel)?

7. How comfortable is your team with using digital tools and technology for storytelling?

8. What level of technical knowledge and expertise in filmmaking does your team possess?

9. How much time can your team dedicate to creating films for your non-profit?

10. How important is it for your NGO to measure the impact of your awareness efforts?


Let's Make an Impact Together

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