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Vision, Mission, And Values

The purpose of Tim Plowden’s work is to help people understand why we need to conserve wildlife and contribute to changing human behaviour for environmental causes.


A world where everyone appreciates every form of life on Earth and actively supports coexistence with nature in a sustainable way.


We focus on speaking up for wildlife affected by human activities and highlight the need for nature conservation.



We work together with team members, clients, and partners to achieve common goals. We value your contributions and want you to feel that your input matters. We express ideas clearly and listen to others. We are unwavering in our dedication to important initiatives that enable us to realise our mission, vision, and values.


We have an obsessive commitment to meeting our clients’ needs and ensuring their happiness. This sums up our overall approach to everyone we engage with – from clients to partners to team members. We display this by placing emphasis on meeting high standards, fostering innovative thinking, handling situations with respect and professionalism, and prioritizing customer satisfaction.


We aim to create an impact by understand the consequences of our actions and strategically strive to produce positive outcomes. We actively link our work to its impact on clients and their target audiences. We are results-orientated, striving to meet quality, deadlines, and deliverables for clients. We understand the impact of our actions on others and the environment. We acknowledge the responsibilities we have and see work through until it is done – and done well. Check out our case studies and testimonials for more information.

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