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About Tim Plowden

Over the last 20 years, Tim Plowden has managed numerous large-scale, international projects from concept through to delivery. Tim can plan, source, direct, test, monitor, and control finances. His success is due to a good combination of strong interpersonal and leadership skills, analytical abilities, business acumen, and a creative flair.

Tim takes a calm, pragmatic and methodical approach. Collaboration and empathy underpin his leadership style, enabling him to build strong relationships and empower teams to perform to the highest standard.

Although he started out on large scale, multi-million-pound projects in the private sector, Tim has loved working with NGOs on conservation projects in recent years. He is adept at bringing together a range of digital, visual, written, and audio media to educate people about wildlife and conservation.

Tim’s photographic and film work has gained several awards, as well as featuring in film festivals, TV, magazines, and online. Tim gets involved in all aspects of digital media and film production including content creation and marketing, interviewing, photography, pre-production, production, post-production, and impact analysis.

Way of Working

With deep experience in creative and digital roles, Tim Plowden has a wide range of skills to draw on to deliver high quality work in a fast paced environment.


Collaborative Partner

Hiring Tim means you will get his full attention. He will take time to understand your expectations and requirements. Together you can map out how you want your content to look.


Unique Artistry

Tim Plowden’s work across photography, video and writing ensures there’s a narrative to the work he can help you with. He has the artistry to lead your audience deeper into the story of the subject.


Understand The Subject

Building relationships with subjects is a vital way in which Tim can create great content for you. Strong relationships with subjects enables him to help your audience understand the story.



As a professional, Tim achieves great results – every time. You will get a strong collection of content that tells a story and you will work with someone who knows how to produce quality content under any circumstances.


Problem Solving

Are you looking for a self-reliant professional? You can rest assured Tim is able to make the right connections, find solutions to problems and get the job done. You can rely on him to take the initiative and solve problems.


Professional Delivery

Tim looks for new ways to boost efficiency, improve quality and reduce costs. When you work with Tim, you can expect that he is willing to go the extra mile to deliver the best possible work.

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